How do you stop Maladaptive daydreaming?

MD Questions & AnswersCategory: General QuestionsHow do you stop Maladaptive daydreaming?
Mark asked 1 year ago

I just wanted to know do you ever think you can ever stop maladaptive daydreaming?  I have been a compulsive daydreamer for over 5 years now and haven’t managed to stop.

David replied 7 days ago

Everytime you start daydreaming, catch yourself and scold yourself – tell yourself its silly and ridiculous., Keep doing that again and again. It works

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Anna Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Mark, I’m still working on finding this out. But here are 3 Maladaptive daydreaming treatments that EX MDer’s said helped them –
The only times I have managed to proplerly stop maladaptive daydreaming for days at a time, was to see my doctor and talk about the issues that are affecting me head on. Am on a waiting list to see a therapist at the moment and am thinking and hoping that once my issues have been sorted out I will no longer have a need to daydream.  There does not seem to be an easy fix for this.

ava answered 6 months ago

I would pick a hobby. Like learning bass or guitar. Seems to help curb the habit for me.

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