I think a lot of people when they first realise they have maladaptive daydreaming, want to know why, why have they suddenly got this daydreaming addiction, what on earth has caused this?  The longer however maladaptive daydreaming goes on, the more you begin to understand that it is a coping mechanism. A way to deal with the harshness of reality, trauma you’ve experienced, anxiety and loneliness.

We all know that there is no medical recognition for maladaptive daydreaming, even when I saw my doctor and told him I had maladaptive daydreaming, he didn’t understand at first what I was talking about and offered me anti-anxiety medication.

So what are the causes of maladaptive daydreaming?

  • loneliness
  • abuse
  • trauma
  • anxiety
  • depression

We all know it then becomes an addiction. We have created a wonderful and vivid world in our heads to escape the problems we are facing, and we soon have an emotional attachment to the characters we have created in our minds. It’s ridiculously hard to curb because it feels so good. And even though you know you need to stop this daydreaming addiction, you soon get to a point where you don’t want to give it up. Even when it starts to interfere with your work, relationships or school.

What do you think your root cause is of your daydreaming addiction?

anxiety and daydreamingMine is anxiety. I worry about the future and I’m unhappy about where I currently am in my life. I’m still on a waiting list to see a therapist to talk about my maladaptive daydreaming. When I do get to see one, I will update you and let you know if talking about my issues had gotten rid of  my MD.

Do you have something to add?

If you have something to add on why you think you have maladaptive daydreaming or would just to say hello. Please leave a comment below.

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